LA CaTS Cores & Resources

  • Lucio Miele, MD, PhD
    Biomedical Informatics Core Director
    LSUHSC New Orleans
  • Ronald Horswell, PhD
    LA CaTS DAG Director
    Pennington Biomedical

  • Chindo Hicks, PhD
    LA CaTS BIG Director
    LSUHSC New Orleans
  • Christopher Taylor, PhD
    LSUHSC New Orleans
  • Antonio Pannuti, PhD
    LSUHSC New Orleans
  • San Chu, MS, MAPSST
    LA CaTS BMI Analyst
    Pennington Biomedical
  • Elizabeth Chesteen
    LA CaTS BMI Analyst
    Pennington Biomedical

Biomedical Informatics Core

The LA CaTS Biomedical Informatics (BMI) Core will support the clinical and translational research activities of the entire LA CaTS collaborative. The specific goals of the BMI Core include:

  • Provide BMI resources to LA CaTS Investigators by merging existing BMI expertise at LA CaTS institutions, coordinating and assuring continuous BMI support for investigators, and providing the basis for implementing additional BMI capabilities.

  • Support LA CaTS Cores, Resources, and Members by expanding BMI capabilities to address their specific needs and by providing education in BMI use.

  • Use BMI to enhance both the quantity and quality of translational research, providing BMI support for the full scope of translational research, and extending from idea generation to use of clinical decision support systems to implement findings from translational research.

  • Use BMI to enable collaboration between LA CaTS Investigators and other Louisiana-based organizations and between LA CaTS Investigators and non-Louisiana organizations including other CTSAs.

The BMI Core is organized as three groups (sub-cores):

  1. The BMI Data Access and Analysis Group, which will support investigator access to existing data resources.

  2. The BMI Clinical Trials Group, which will function within the LA CaTS Data Center and provide informatics support for prospective studies.

  3. The BMI Administrative Support Group, which will develop and support web-based tools to enhance the operations of both the BMI Core and other LA CaTS Cores.

The BMI Core will furnish BMI-related educational services via both its BMI Core Newsletter and BMI Seminars. In addition, the BMI Core will develop the BMI Methods Research Collaborative whose purpose will be to engage methodological researchers at LA CaTS Collaborating Institutions in actively developing new informatics and analysis tools and approaches to further the LA CaTS mission.

The BMI Core is critical to enabling collaborative clinical research at multiple sites in Louisiana and to enabling research across the collaborating clinical settings and research institutions.

LA CaTS investigators will conduct translational research across Louisiana institutions and with our collaborating investigators in the South Carolina Clinical and Translational Research Institute (SCTR.) In addition, LA CaTS seeks to actively engage CoBRE and INBRE investigators in translational research. These activities require a broad range of biomedical informatics support and resources. To meet these needs, the LA CaTS Biomedical Informatics (BMI) Core will merge BMI resources across LA CaTS institutions, thereby enhancing the quality and availability of BMI services. The BMI Core will then work actively to adopt nationally-available applications (e.g., REDCap) and take steps toward participation in national translational initiatives, such as i2b2. By these means, the BMI Core will assure LA CaTS Investigators access to a full range of BMI services and resources including database design, short-term and long-term data storage, support for remote data entry, integration of data from disparate data sources, access to informatics professionals with specialized skills, and an emerging capability to collaborate with the broader, national translational research community.